GAME, the Global Alliance of Muslims for Equality, officially began in October 2017 with an unprecedented meeting.

Dozens of young Muslims from across Europe came together at Kippure Estate/Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation to draw up a charter of rights for young Muslims and to launch a movement to advocate collectively on its behalf. Learn about the charter here: CLICK HERE >>
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GAME is a transnational European movement led by and for young Muslims to advance their rights as articulated in the Charter of Rights. It is founded on the principle that Islam is a religion of peace.

GAME develops projects and platforms to inform and to change perceptions of Muslims in Europe.

These perceptions suggest that as Muslims become more visible in Europe, negative Muslim sentiments increase.

Youth from the following cities founded GAME….

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GAME is about dialogue, advocacy, and action. Dialogue among young Muslims in Europe, advocacy through social media platforms, action through art and public service, and dialogue with local, national, international forums and the broader world about the perceptions of Muslims.

How GAME was Founded

March 24-27th 2017 Bulgaria: 24 community workers meet in Stolat, Bulgaria & agree to bring four young Muslims 18-25, gender balanced, to the Kippure Estate/Glencree Reconciliation Centre for the purpose of drawing up a Charter of Rights for young Muslims.

October 12th-18th 2017 Glencree/Kippure Ireland 48 young Muslims and 24 community workers meet at the Kippure Estate/Glencree Reconciliation Centre, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

Charter of Rights: On the final day of the conference the youth working together draw up the Charter of Rights embodying the values & beliefs they collectively agreed upon.

Paris Jan 26th-29th 2018: First GAME board meeting, ; the board plan program of action for 2018.

Paris Sept 2018: Public launch of GAME in Paris on 29 Sept 2018.

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