Founding Charter of Rights

As founders and owners of GAME, the youth commit themselves to the principles of GAME’S charter agreed at the inaugural conference at Kippure/Glencree on the 17th of October 2017.

GAME’s charter, through much discussion, was drawn up with community leaders and their youth from Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, in Brussels; Moabit-Berlin, Germany; Edmonton and East London, UK; Bobigny and Seine-Saint-Denis, Paris, France; Tripoli, Lebanon; Milan and Rome, Italy; Kacanik and Pristina, Kosovo; and Tirana, Albania.
Some of the principles include:
GAME condemns all types of discrimination against Muslims, especially in education, housing and employment, and demands respect for their identity and citizenship.
GAME will encourage more Muslims to enter leadership roles, including elected office, to be more representative of their constituents. It will also encourage leadership by people, regardless of religion or ethnicity, who can effectively advocate for and support Muslim youth.
GAME is an inclusive movement by and for Muslims but open to the inclusion of all others who agree with these principles.
The mission of GAME is to implement these principles and practice them in their community.

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