Previous Conferences and Meetings:

  • Glencree Ireland Peace and Reconciliation Centre: Conference for Captains 11th-15th October 2019
  • London: March 29th-31st 2019 : Second GAME board meeting
  • 2nd Kippure/ Glencree, Ireland Conference October 18-24th 2018
  • Paris: Sept 29th 2018: Public launch of GAME in Bobingy
  • Paris: Jan 26th-29th 2018: First GAME board meeting
  • 1st Kippure/ Glencree, Ireland Conference October 13-18th 2017


GAME will be hosting a team captains training seminar this October! Stay tuned for more info.

CLICK IMAGE below to view slideshow of our GAME Conference held at Kippure/ Glencree, Ireland  October 18-24th 2018 Paris Sept 29th 2018: Public launch of GAME in Bobingy,  use the left and right arrows to browse the images.

MORE IMAGES from our meet ups